Boost Delivery Efficiency with Manifest

In today’s fast-paced logistics world, efficiency and speed are paramount. That’s why we've meticulously crafted the Manifest System, a revolutionary tool specifically designed to streamline your delivery process. Leveraging the latest and most advanced technologies, our app ensures that completing delivery tasks is not just faster, but also more intuitive and reliable

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Manifest's Carrier Application

Seize the opportunity to explore the intuitive interface of our carrier's mobile app. We've shared detailed screenshots for you to get a comprehensive view of how the app functions, showcasing its user-friendly design and advanced features for a clearer understanding of its capabilities.

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Boost Productivity
Everything you need to manage your delivery operations

All in one platform

Everything you need to manage your delivery operations

Manifest: Your All-in-One Logistics Solution. We're pioneering the world's first logistics software ecosystem, designed to streamline your operations. With Manifest, say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools, and welcome a unified, efficient workflow.

MLI System
Manifest's MLIS: Effortlessly pinpoint your clients' locations with our advanced Location Identification System, making logistics simpler and more precise.
Automated Bundling
Empower your operations by allowing our system to intelligently group delivery tasks into bundles, adhering to the custom rules you set.
Route Optimization
Our system is expertly crafted to efficiently organize bundles and determine the most optimal routes for streamlined delivery.
In-App Wallet
Streamlined Financial Management: Each carrier receives an in-app wallet, enabling efficient tracking of cash collections and seamless settlement of amounts.
Live Chat
Instant Support through Live Chat: Communicate directly with your carriers in real-time within the app to provide immediate assistance and support.
Manifest empowers you to proactively organize and align your capacities and capabilities, enabling upfront delivery planning for optimal efficiency.
Your carriers will be instantly alerted to new, high-priority tasks.
Our system is configured to automatically deliver comprehensive reports to your email every day at midnight, ensuring you start each day informed.
Mobile App
Our mobile app provides carriers with real-time updates and tools, ensuring seamless operations and communication, even while mobile.
Access Control Lists (ACLs) enable granular permission settings for individual resources. They allow specific user or group access rights, defining permissible actions like read, write, or execute.